Farrow Ball Wall Paper

WALL: Farrow & Ball Wall Paper

Proceed Rough Regular Texture 2

SAMPLE BOARD: Proceed Rough Regular Texture

silver leaf chair

SILVER LEAF: Wood Frame of Chair with Gloss Clear Coat

SkimStone Concrete Veneer

FIREPLACE: SkimStone Concrete Veneer, Applied by FauxFX

Proceed Rough Regular Texture

SAMPLE BOARD: Proceed Rough Regular Texture

FirmoLux Milano Silver Italian 2

WALLS: FirmoLux Milano Silver Italian Lime Plaster

FirmoLux Milano Silver Italian

WALLS: FirmoLux Milano Silver Italian Lime Plaster

Farrow Ball Off Black 57

WALLS: Farrow &  Ball Off Black No 57, Estate Emulsion


WALLS: PROCEED Full Bodied Glaze

Wood Walls

WOOD WALLS: Proceed Full Bodied Glaze


CEILING: PROCEED Metallic Texture Gold tinted orange. WALLS: PROCEED Smooth Translucent Texture tinted in 3 colors.

Faux Effects

FAUX EFFECTS - Fireplace: AquaStone tint red and applied in random spots. Then AquaStone untinted applied overall and then glazed.

FIRMOLUX - Italian Lime Plaster / Venetian Plaster

FIRMOLUX - Italian Lime Plaster / Venetian Plaster, CEILING: Milano Silver tinted, WALLS: Farrow & Ball Skimming Stone No. 241.

FIRMOLUX - Italian Lime Plaster 1

FIRMOLUX - Italian Lime Plaster / Venetian Plaster, WALLS: Grasso diCalce tinted 3 different colors.

16 - Eco Stucco Shower System

ECO STUCCO can be applied on shower walls and ceilings to produce a seamless look as well as a durable surface for every day use.

Ven Plaster/cherry

FIRMOLUX - Italian Lime Plaster, Grasso diCalce.

concrete counter top

ENCORE Counter Tops. Easy to install in 3 days. Goes right over Formica .... so change those tired counter tops today.

FirmoLux Rasatura Marmorino

EXTERIOR: FirmoLux Rasatura Marmorino

12 - EcoStucco Fossil Finish

EXTERIOR WALLS: EcoStucco Fossil Finish

11 - Proceed Texture with Tinted Raw Umber with Rough, Irregular and Smooth Absorbant Texture

PROCEED: Rough Regular Texture (RRT)  tinted with dispersions randomly mixed with Smooth Absorbant Texture (SAT) to create a layered old wall effect.

10 - Rotunda Walls with Hand-Painted Acanthus Leaves

PROCEED: 1-color glaze on entry hall walls with hand-painted Acanthus leaves in dome.

9 - Skimstone with Black Glass Wall Treatment

SKIMSTONE: Concrete veneer on walls with Black Glass.

8 - Rusted Hood with Gold Leaf Rivets and Glazed Cabinets

MODERN MASTERS: Rusted Iron Metal Effect on Hood with Gold Leaf and Rivets added. Oil Glazed Cabinets.

7 - Proceed Texture with Metallic Motif

PROCEED: Rough Regular Texture with lime for first coat. Then Smooth Translucent Texture (STT) tinted w/ dispersions and troweled smooth. Pounce Metallic Gold Medium on Motif stencil and spray with Lime water for the dripping effect.

6 - Street of Dreams: Proceed Rough, Irregular Texture with a Glaze

Street of Dreams: PROCEED: Rough Regular Texture plus white sand and titanium white dispersions applied heavily with trowel, then spritzed with water and smoothed with Tuff-Kote rubber trowel. let dry overnight and  Glaze with Leon Neon round and cheese cloth.

5 - Painted Cabinet Door front with "Rotten Stone"

Painted Cabinet Door front with "Rotten Stone"

4 - Firmolux Italian Lime Plaster: Milano Silver over Charcoal Marmarino

FIRMOLUX: Milano Silver, Italian Lime Plaster troweled over Charcoal Marmarino Berlina.

3 - Rough, Irregular French Plaster

PROCEED: Rough Irregular, Tinted and applied to look like French Plaster.

2 - Skimstone Countertop - Raw Umber with Glass

SKIMSTONE: Concrete Countertop with Glass on new plywood substrate.

1 - Single Color Glaze on Walls

PROCEED: 1-Color Glaze on Walls and Ceiling

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