Lime Plaster Classes, FirmoLux & EcoStucco, April 28 or 29, Oct 6 & 7, 9:30 to 5:00 – $300

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This two-day class will illustrate how easy plastering can be when using great product lines like
FirmoLux and EcoStucco. You will create 7 beautiful plaster boards so you will have a clear understanding of each product, the difference between wet and dry plasters, as well as, how to use each one to create a desired look, whether it be a soft elegant metallic, rustic concrete look, covering orange peel for a smooth look to a sleek shower finish.


FirmoLux – Italian Lime Plaster (known as Venetian Plaster, gloss to course Marmorino) – WET PLASTER


EcoStucco – Natural Plaster – (for walls, showers, interior, exterior) – DRY PLASTER

Learn the benefits of using natural lime plasters over store bought synthetics’ or Lime-Base products. Not only will you enjoy the ease of working with natural plaster, but the look, depth and style has the “Wow” effect your customers are sure to rave about.

Learn how to control the amount of movement in your finish and how to burnish properly which allows for more or less contrast in your colors as well as a polished or matte finish. Find out which products are best used for different styles. Learn about prepping the surface, application techniques and the different characteristics of each product.

We will discuss the most popular classical architectural finishes in the design industry and the trending understated but highly desired classical “Italian Plaster look” and “Industrial Concrete look”. As well, we will talk about how to estimate projects, and how to sell plaster services. We will also teach you the diversity of our products to enhance your portfolio and how to calculate and budget your job to be the most competitive. A tinting demonstration is included for those that enjoy tinting yourself. You only need to bring the tools listed below or purchase day of the class at the store. All product and boards are supplied.

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Instructor: Adrienne Wannamaker

Tools to Bring (they are for sale day of class)

Trowels – rough texture and finishing trowels Hawk Soft spreaders
Scrub brush Chip Brushes – 4”, 3” and 2”
Hair dryer Mini roller handle and rag cover
Corduroy / Linear tool (I have them for sale if you love the effect)
Stencil – durable


Brush & Trowel
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