Art Class with Adrienne

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Saturday art class with Adrienne at The Brush and Trowel!


As you can tell, I was slightly excited.  This would be my second class with her.  Her easy-going teaching style makes the class so much fun.  Today we are going to be utilizing a paint technique that simulates aging iron and copper.




















To start, we each chose a stencil and applied a quick-drying drywall mud to our wooden canvas.  The key is to liberally apply the mud so that when you lift the stencil you have a raised pattern.




















When the mud dried, we coated our board in a protective sealer.  (At this point in the class, I now have a craving for chocolate cake…)  This is an important step, in that the board must be protected from the chemicals in the paint.  (Adrienne suggests using a wooden canvas so that the finished product has a stable base.  With a traditional canvas, the paint product could pop off because of the give and take of the canvas.)



The paint that we used is from Modern Masters.  It is a water-based modified acrylic paint with high concentrations of either iron or copper particles.   This paint will naturally age over time if exposed to the right elements, but we used an aging solution to speed up the process.




































The black paint you see here will have a rusty finish and the copper paint will develop a blue/green patina when the aging solution is applied. (At this point, I was a little worried, ha)




















Here is my finished product.  Once it dried overnight, I just applied a bit more of the reactor to get a little more of the green color.  I love it!  There is no wrong way to apply these finishes.  Each finished product will take on a beauty all its own depending on the thickness of the base coat and the amount of reactor used.


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