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About Firmolux

Firmolux is one of the top providers of natural Italian lime plaster, also known as Venetian Plaster, in the world.  Their plaster products are manufactured in Italy traditionally for centuries and they are regarded as the finest products available in the industry.   “Manufactured in the tradition of the Renaissance but improved by the technology of today”.  Made from the finest lime, marble and ingredients from nature, they are a true “Green Building Product”.

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“Manufactured in the tradition of the Renaissance but improved by the technology of today”

Firmolux Product Info

Venetian Plaster, Lime and Stucco have been used in the construction of some of the world’s most famous landmarks including the Great Pyramids of Egypt and in Ancient Greece. It wasn’t until the construction era of Venice Italy (1400-1700) that stucco was improved and produced for the masses. It was during this time that stucco took on a life of its own, becoming the most widely used construction products in Italy. This is largely due to the need for a durable construction product for a city built entirely on water.

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In the modern era, the technology used in the production of stucco products has evolved and has allowed stucco to be produced throughout the world, many of which are created using high levels of acrylic and synthetic resins.  However, true Venetian plasters are only produced in a small region of Northern Italy and are constructed of the same stone and water used for centuries.  This region is where Firmolux products are created.

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Learn More About Firmolux

To learn more about Firmolux products, visit their website or contact the experts at Brush & Trowel, we’re always happy to help!  If you’re ready to take the next step, try one of our Demo Days or come to one of our Events & Classes!

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