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Holiday Party November 30th 6:00 PM

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Feb 9th – Skimstone Concrete, Countertops

These one day classes are to illustrate how easy concrete veneers can be when using a great product line like SkimStone. You will create 3 beautiful SkimStone samples so you will have a clear understanding of each process as well as how to use each one to create a desired look, whether it be a soft elegant or a rustic concrete look.


Latest News

  • Farrow & Ball Treron No. 292 FARROW & BALL HAS 9 NEW COLOURS!

    This enduring color is a dark green version of Farrow & Ball classic Pigeon, hence being named after the green variety of the same species. Although traditional in feel, Treron is perfect for modern homes where there are a lot of natural materials that are being used or as an accent for both French Gray

  • In Depth Firmolux Piatto Demonstration

    The following 3 videos are an in-depth detail of how to do a concrete look Italian lime plaster, like the one on the left in the photo above, as well as a smooth look Italian lime plaster shown on the right side of the photo. Watch and learn! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

  • Congratulations to BC Custom Homes

    Carin Atterbury of Surface specified Brush & Trowel products in the BC Custom Construction home at the Street of Dreams this year. We were pleased to work alongside Kelley Spicer to create some beautiful wall finishes. We are delighted to announce that BC Custom Construction won Best Architecture by the People’s choice, the Realtor’s choice, as well as

  • Love The Walls You Live In

    I was fortunate enough to visit the Street of Dreams several times over the last few weeks. I am thrilled that a variety of Brush & Trowel products like Firmolux Italian lime plaster, Lifestyle Finishes, Faux Effects and Farrow & Ball wallpaper were in two different homes. I also thrive on seeing what’s new and

Latest Update

  • I absolutely love Fall. Autumn leaves of red and gold, crisper air, and the change of pace all give me a settled and warm feeling. As our dwindling daylight brings us indoors, how lovely it is to have that space you feel cozy in and can be delighted by visually as well. Settling into fall

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Brush and Trowel is Portland's only Decorative Finish product supplier and demonstration showroom.

For the interior finish professional we offer some of the finest products available - from pails to pallets - all to help you be more profitable, knowledgeable and be your best resource in town!

If you are a homeowner we have the best selection of DIY products that you can use to transform ordinary into exceptional. Located in central Portland, we offer a wide range of classes and demonstrations for beginners to experts and covering such topics as Stencil Projects, Italian Plaster, Decorative Concrete Floors and Counters and more. The only way to truly understand what is possible is to come down to the showroom where you can touch and see finished examples of many of our products.

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Farrow & Ball | Paint & Wallpaper

Farrow & Ball paint colors are used around the world to adorn the walls of some of the most prestigious properties and art galleries.

Firmolux | Venetian Plaster

Firmolux Italian Lime Plaster, also referred to as Venetian Plaster, is visually beautiful, elegant and timeless.

What We Sell

Brush & Trowel specializes in the finest architectural and decorative products and finishes for walls, floors and woodwork. A complete offering of products, training and application resources. We are the experts focused on trends and timeless applications in commercial, residential, new builds and renovations.

Our Servcies

Our goal is to help educate and assist designers, architects, contractors and applicators about all the architectural finishes available to enhance their design and exceed their clients' expectations. We have consistent success with our sample board selection at the store in determining color, sheen, durability and texture. At the point custom samples become important, we can match most any paint color with our products, replicate any texture provided from a photo, plus create multiple samples for client approval and color control.