Artisan Lime Plaster
EcoStucco® a range of natural lime plasters designed to protect, renew, and enhance interior and exterior walls. The soft plaster look of these products makes an understated elegant finish. User-friendly,EcoStucco® may be installed by hand or mechanical projection. A sustainable alternative to cement plasters, acrylic plasters, and other high-energy coating products, EcoStucco® is made with minimal, but expert, preparation from limestone of superior quality. Once applied, the lime naturally hardens into calcium carbonate (limestone), providing a healthy, lasting mineral shell. Pure white or tinted with natural mineral pigments, finishes achieved with EcoStucco® will never require painting and are virtually maintenance-free.

“There are two amazing features of EcoStucco® that make it essential to have in your build/design bag. First, EcoStucco® can go right over painted orange peel with 2 coats (as well as level 3 sheetrock) to create a beautiful smooth plaster…this is such an easy fix to an eyesore most remodels, designers, applicators find limiting. Secondly, there is a shower system that can be applied on shower walls and ceilings which is impermeable to water and makes it ideal for bathrooms, spas and kitchens. It has a smooth, wonderful texture…to produce a seamless look as well as a durable surface for every day use.” –Adrienne


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