FirmoLux Italian Lime Plasters

Firmolux Italian Lime Plaster, also referred to as Venetian Plaster, is visually beautiful, elegant and timeless. Authentic Italian lime plasters naturally create a depth, sheen and longevity that synthetic plasters can’t achieve.
Italian Lime plasters naturally produce a smooth gloss or matte finish as well as various cement like finishes. These versatile products complete the traditional, contemporary and industrial design projects. Your unique color selection can be matched with the plaster finish you desire. The possible color, sheen and texture combinations create a wide range of customized options. Deep and rich plaster finishes for ceilings and walls , interior and exterior, will age gracefully and mature over time.


Artisan Lime Plaster
EcoStucco makes a range of natural lime plasters designed to protect, renew, and enhance interior and exterior walls. The soft plaster look of these products makes an understated elegant finish. User-friendly, EcoStucco may be installed by hand or mechanical projection. A sustainable alternative to cement plasters, acrylic plasters, and other high-energy coating products, EcoStucco is made with minimal, but expert, preparation from limestone of superior quality. Once applied, the lime naturally hardens into calcium carbonate (limestone), providing a healthy, lasting mineral shell. Pure white or tinted with natural mineral pigments, finishes achieved with EcoStucco will never require painting and are virtually maintenance-free.

“There are two amazing features of EcoStucco that make it essential to have in your build/design bag. First, EcoStucco can go right over painted orange peel with 2 coats (as well as level 3 sheetrock) to create a beautiful smooth plaster…this is such an easy fix to an eyesore most remodels, designers, applicators find limiting. Secondly, there is a shower system that can be applied on shower walls and ceilings which is impermeable to water and makes it ideal for bathrooms, spas and kitchens. It has a smooth, wonderful texture…to produce a seamless look as well as a durable surface for every day use.” –Adrienne


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