Professional Decorative Painting System

The Proceed line of decorative painting products was developed by professionals for professionals. The line is a concise and complete “tool kit” of high-performance paints, glazes, pigment dispersions, textures, and ancillary products that intermix seamlessly. This gives the professional decorative painter a virtually limitless ability to manipulate texture, color and sheen – and to produce and manage an extensive portfolio of decorative finishes with fewer individual products with a much smaller investment in studio materials.

“The versatility of this decorative finishing texture system allows artists to be artists on walls. Golden has taken small containers and formulated them to 1 and 5 gallons. Layering, opaque to translucent, shinny to dull, smooth to rough textures can embellish any wall, ceiling, floor, cabinet or molding. This is a “go-to” product if you are asked to replicate a picture from a magazine”. -Adrienne

Proceed by Golden

Faux Effects

Faux Effects

For the discriminating faux painter, decorative finisher, and artist, and can be applied to a variety of surfaces through traditional methods.

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The Encore countertop refinishing system! In just three days, you can redo your counter tops and combine the beauty and strength of concrete for a durable countertop that is gorgeous.

Encore covers 50 square feet of countertop space, and comes in 5 colors! Come by and check it out – the kit, which will cover many countertops, is only $269 Here’s the perfect gift for the DIY enthusiast…

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Meoded manufactures an extensive line of genuine, environmentally friendly lime-based Venetian plasterand special effects paints. With a palette of choices ranging from old world marble and Venetian plaster finishes, through aged, swirled, or block effects, to contemporary treatments that sparkle and shine, Meoded products will transform any wall surface, indoors or out.

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Metal Effects

When it comes to choosing an aged metal effect for a do-it-yourself project, high-end decorative finish or large architectural specification, Modern Masters Metal Effects® has you covered! Our focus on modern-day specialty decorative coatings combined with the ancient art of patinization has made us the world leader in water-based, aged metal finishes.

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Quality, Texture, Colour and Innovation

Lime Wash, Wood Wash, Stone Paint, Industrial Lustre, French Wash, Chaulkboard Paint, Palm Beach Black, Liquid Copper & Patina Green, Liquid Iron, Duchess Satin

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